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When you consciously play a role for somebody, you also offer them a chance to see what the role is about, and why it is played.



Newsletter May

Welcome to the May Newsletter. Recently we had a teacher training in Tampere in Finland with 3 wonderful women. One of them, Kaisa-Elina Kiuru has already used something from the training - AND she agreed to share her experience!

Our next teacher training will be in Tuscany in Italy, May 26th-27th, WITH Italian translation! Matteo Mazzotti is going to help us. See more under  Italian

Creating freedom in our relationships

by Kaisa-Elina Kiuru

During the CT training, we practiced how to communicate with people without losing our energy or giving our energy to others.  I made a plan that I will start using these new tools so that I integrate them into my "usual" life situations. I decided that I would create one pretty short conscious moment at a time, where I clearly try one new idea / tool. Later, I integrate these experiences. I trust that this energy will very expansively and smoothly find its way.

I loved the tools related to the question "What could be done differently?" During the course, we made role-playings related to a certain conflict between two people. After each role playing, we created a different outcome without energy feeding, bullying, or other harmful actions.

Soon after the course, I met a person. He was planning that he would try to solve the problems of his earlier life events by fighting his rights. Why? Because he had the experience that he had not been heard by others during a crisis in his life. In a way his experience was that it was others' fault that he had the crisis overall. Would one get heard if one starts fighting with others? That was what he saw as the solution for him.

So, I met with that man. I took a role where I opened discussions so that he could create new ways to see and experience his own ways to act. He was actually pretty open to that. I started playing with my own words also – it is something I like to do often. Once you put your intention and consciousness into your words, you create new worlds. I put my intention into certain role playing exercises which I did at the CT training. I kind of "translated" those role-playings into discussions with the man. I used expressions that connected our discussions to the CT training material. I felt that in this way I integrated something from the CT training into our meeting.

I asked him a few times during our discussions what could be done differently, and we discussed that together.  We discussed for instance how he would act when he started feeling anger the next time. At the end, he said that he might not start fighting against others. He said he got new clarity for his experiences. My experience was that he felt that he did not need his usual protection / action roles during our meeting. Together, we learned something new. I appreciated his willingness and openness to learn something new in his life.

You might guess that this is what inspires me to be in conversations with others - creating all new ways to communicate. It is fun to be of service that way. Miracles truly happen. That is what I have seen. I have fun creating old roles and communication habits into something totally new.

I saw that CT training gives tools for any conversations in our lives. The tools can be used in our everyday life, or at our professional arenas. The clarity of the tools creates a safe space for practicing and learning new freedom in our relationships with others. I love that!  (Kaisa-Elina Kiuru)

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Kaisa-Elina Kiuru is a social worker and has also been a teacher and researcher at the University