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When you consciously play a role for somebody, you also offer them a chance to see what the role is about, and why it is played.



Newsletter February 2016

Welcome to our first Newsletter of the new year!

It is kind of a crazy time right now with a lot going on around the world. And it does not look as if it will get "better". The most important is as always to stay centered, "stand behind the short wall" and look at it all with compassion. The more we can shine our inner light the better for ourselves and the world.

We have spent some time to feel what we would like to do next with Consciousness Theater. The feeling is expansion! Allow it to expand without limitations. So we are going to see where that will take us!

For the moment we have planned our spring season: March 12th-13th in Z├╝rich, April 9th-10th in Helsinki and May 26th-27th in Tuscana, Italy - right before the Ahmyo Retreat.

Another way of expanding is the recognition that although the whole idea with our project was about teaching children, it can also be used with adults. That was actually a response we got from our teacher training.

One person said that he felt the training was for him personally. Others have expressed that they have had difficulty applying their knowledge to their interaction with other people, and through this training they saw, how to do it.

The main topics like letting go of the victim role and all the power games, being grounded and centered in yourself, loving yourself is important to everyone. Through our teacher training you can go out and teach it to everybody. When you use role-playing you can so clearly show how the feeding games goes on - and that you easily can change it, if you choose!

The question is not about the age of the ones you want to teach, but about finding the best way to present the material to exactly that group. And no matter what age you are working with, the non-judgment and the humor are important parts!