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When you consciously play a role for somebody, you also offer them a chance to see what the role is about, and why it is played.



Newsletter April

Welcome to our April Newsletter. We are rather excited because this is the first newsletter where a new Consciousness Theater Certified Teacher, Jutta Bosch, tells about her experiences when using the material with adults! And it is absolutely wonderful what she tells.

In the newsletter for March we told about our idea of making a YouTube intro to our work - and that is ready! If you haven't seen it yet, you can use this link: here

Our next two teacher trainings will be in Tampere in Finland, April 9th-10th, and in Tuscany in Italy, May 26th-27th, WITH Italian translation! Matteo Mazzotti is going to help us. See more under Training and Italian

Jutta Bosch:

How I used the "Consciousness Theater" in my life after the Teacher Training with Anne and Finn in Zürich.

Right after my Teacher Training with Anne and Finn, a family member came to see me. She was very upset about her boss. I breathed and chose my safe space AND listened, when suddenly I felt the push to make her calm down and observe.

First I played the role of her boss, very angry and nervous and really upset with her.

She reacted to my role-playing and felt her own anger, but then I took her role and stood up, feeling angry, sad and weak at the same time. I asked her to stand up and play the role of a co-worker. I grabbed her on her arm, and began to tell the situation with their boss.

Oh, how quickly she became aware, that now she was feeding on him…!

Now I asked her to sit down; another time I played the boss, and she in front of his desk.
Same situation as in the beginning, but now I asked her to stop the feeding game – and she did it, very aware and calm, and felt immediately so much better! What a release!

The situation and role-playing did take less than 10 minutes, and the energy in the room was so fresh and clear afterwards… just wonderful!

Several days later I had a client, who also had a power situation with her boss, and I asked her to play the boss, and I played her role. I went into the victim energy and she could feel how insecure her boss felt about the thing she wanted to criticize.

That gave her the opportunity to suddenly feel the aspect, which had been there all her life not being understood by others! We integrated the aspect ;-)

Big thanks to Jutta for sharing her experiences!

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Jutta Bosch