Consciousness Theater®




When you consciously play a role for somebody, you also offer them a chance to see what the role is about, and why it is played.



Consciousness Theater for Kids

No more being a victim.

No more power games!

Love yourself.

We teach the kids:

To become aware of energy feeding.

To see the roles they, and others, play; and to choose another role, if the old one is no longer  appropriate.

To be grounded and aware.

To be aware of their boundaries, to say No!

To find peace within.

To love themselves.

We do this through role playing (the teachers), talking with the kids about how they feel and what they observe during the play - and what could each of the persons do differently?

The children learn how to get centered and be grounded. They work in pairs with that, as well as exercises to feel and express their boundaries.

We breathe with the children to help them to get in contact with their body / themselves and to find peace within.

Finally we do a relaxation exercise and encourage the kids to gently touch their face and hands.

It is important to talk with the kids about their experiences and feelings. And no answers are wrong!

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