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When you consciously play a role for somebody, you also offer them a chance to see what the role is about, and why it is played.



Anne Maribo Andersen & Finn Andersen

We met in 1971 and have been a couple since then. We are both educated school teachers and have worked in public schools, private schools and with optional - creative  teaching for teenagers.

Spiritual and consciousness development has always been a common and important part in our life together. We are educated in healing, massage; Anne also in art therapy and Aura Soma, Finn in working with sound and music. Since 1979 we have given classes as well as individual sessions.

In 2001 we met Crimson Circle, and that changed our lives! It resonated deep within both of us. We are certified teachers and Mentor teachers in many of the Crimson Circle schools. See more:

We received the Crimson Circle Inspire Consciousness Award in 2014. One of the reasons was the project, where we went out in school classes and taught the children about the roles they play, how to become aware and change roles in order to be clear in relations and communication. Important is also to like yourself and find  peace within. The essence of our teaching is from the Crimson Circle SES class, transformed and presented with humorous role playing (by us) and much more from our own journey of consciousness.

Now we are more focused on offering Teacher Training in different countries. One thing we also discovered: Although our aim in the beginning was about how to teach children this concept, it quickly showed that this material can be used for any age. It just has to be adjusted. You will also see that in our Teacher Training.

All this is really our passion! We would love that a lot of children and adults get the opportunity to find joy and freedom in their lives. Read about the training here.

Anne & Finn